Holiday time? Get you mobile data-roaming ready.

By Ben Cooper

It’s easy to forget to sort out your data roaming before you go away but with the increased need to check emails, update social media and make calls whilst being away its more and more important you make sure you get roaming ready!

Here are a few common issues and how to rectify them:

The standard one is when you go abroad and your phone doesn’t work. Always ensure your phone has ‘roaming’ active before you go away as its not always possible to have it activated when you are already overseas.

The data’s not working. Most phones default automatically to turn off data roaming. If you need to ensure that this is set to ‘on, here’s how:

iPhone instructions

    • From the Home screen, tap Settings
    • Tap General
    • Tap Mobile Data
    • Turn Data Roaming Off or On as required

Samsung Galaxy instructions:

    • Tap the Menu key and then tap Settings.
    • Tap Connections.
    • Tap More networks then Mobile networks.
    • Tick/Untick Data roaming to turn On/Off.

If you don’t need to use the internet while you’re away, you need to keep Data Roaming switched off as smartphones will connect to the internet even when the phone is not in use.

How to minimize data usage whilst abroad 

Turn off location service

Location service basically allows the installed applications to know where the device is in the world.  It does this by sending the GPS coordinates via the data network. These packets of data are sent every few seconds, therefore using data constantly. To turn this off:

iPhone instructions:

    • Settings
    • Privacy
    • Location services
  • Turn off completely or turn off on selected apps
    • Samsung Galaxy instructions:
    • Options
    • Settings
    • More
    • Toggle Location to OFF

Turn Off Automatic Updates

    • Apps installed on phones will automatically download any updates, which will be costly whilst abroad.

iPhone instructions:

    • Settings
    • iTunes & App Store
    • Toggle Updates to OFF

Samsung Galaxy instructions:

    • Apps
    • Playstore
    • Menu
    • Settings
    • Auto-Update Apps
    • Make sure the Auto Update over WiFi only

If you need to use data abroad for just emails, you need to disable background data on the phone to prevent the apps from accessing data when it is not needed. 

iPhone Instructions:

    • Settings
    • General
    • Background App Refresh
  • Turn OFF completely or turn off for selected apps

Samsung Galaxy Instructions

    • Options
    • Settings
    • Data usage
    • Options
    • Restrict Background data

Or to restrict for individual apps:

    • Options
    • Settings
    • Data usage
    • Untick mobile data
  • Scroll down and select any app that you want to disable and tick the Restrict Background data box
  • Once complete for all apps, go back and re-tick the mobile data.

Call and data charges vary from network to network and where in the world you are travelling.  EU destinations tend to be reasonable and anywhere outside the EU is daylight robbery.

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