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2 ways the Internet of Things will impact your business.

Much is being made about the internet of things. Fridges talking to your supermarket. Your heart monitor talking to the doctor. The possibilities are endless. Cisco says that by 2020 50 billion things will be connected compared to 10 billion today.

But the impact on business doesn’t seem to be appreciated, even though it will revolutionise the way we work (yet again). This isn’t a great surprise because many small businesses are only just starting to get to grips with “the cloud” – having applications through the internet instead of on in-house servers. In addition, it is still early days and the way that we work is already in the process of changing greatly.

So here are two ways that businesses could be impacted:

The way we share data

Businesses typically have silos of information. They sometimes struggle to share relevant information between teams and people. Those that realise the benefits of sharing data can now address these challenges with a host of tools. However, the next challenge is sharing things with external parties. Imagine improved information sharing with suppliers and customers so that they in effect become part of your business process. This collaboration has only just started with products like Sharepoint (or whatever it’s called this week) but so much more can be accomplished in this field.

The way we employ people

The ‘internet of things’ will mean that for many it will be better to hire in talent for specific projects or workload. This means that flexible working will become much more global (with all the benefits and challenges that implies) and that the way people approach their career will be very different to how it is now. The tech industry is really starting to get to grips with this. Freelancing now accounts for 1.4 million jobs in the UK and it is rapidly rising.

Both of the above have many benefits, but also many challenges. One thing for sure is that the ‘internet of things’ will have a significant impact on businesses. Watch this space!

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