The IT Security Balancing Act

Just how robust is your data security?

One of the first things we look into at Arden is a client’s IT security. This doesn’t just extend to the physical technology being used but also how people are using it. Let’s be blunt – small business security in most cases is woeful compared to the corporate world.

This situation is getting worse. By 2017 we will have 3 billion smartphones in circulation. 62% of employees are now using their own device for work related activity – such as email.

So the question is, how much should you be worried by the security holes you have? Fundamentally, the issue is down to legislation and regulatory compliance. However, after that it’s a matter of balance between actual and perceived risk and cost.

Once you have decided on this, we would advise every business to create an IT policy and ensure that you work with your supplier to enforce the level of security you need.

If you would like any information on IT policy, call us.

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