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Angels implement a Mitel private cloud deployment with the help of Arden Group

Case Study: Angels the Costumiers

Titanic. Captain America. The King’s Speech. Game of Thrones. All blockbuster film and TV productions with costumes supplied by the world’s largest costumiers and the longest-established company of its type, Angels the Costumiers. In early 2015, the company chose a Mitel private cloud deployment for its business communications – and MarWatch fault & performance management software to manage voice quality and ensure the entire business communications network functions optimally around the clock.

“Since MarWatch is specifically designed for Mitel systems, it gives us a great depth of visibility into Angels’ network.” Stefan Bagiensky, Chief Technology Officer for Arden Group


For almost 170 years, the company founded by Morris Angel has supplied costumes and fancy dress for film, theatre and television and fancy dress to the general public. Since 1948, when costumes supplied by Angels received a Best Costume Academy Award for Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet, Angels has supplied costumes to a total of 36 Best Costume Oscar-winning films including Star Wars (1977), Titanic (1997), Shakespeare in Love 1998, Memoirs of a Geisha (2006) and Alice in Wonderland (2011). Angels also supplied costumes for hit titles The King’s Speech and Sweeney Todd. It’s an impressive operation – with a 160,000 square foot facility and 2 retail locations, Angels owns the largest costume collection in the world, with more than 2 million individual items stocked. This kind of success isn’t accidental – it’s built on the consistent delivery of high-quality products and attention to detail. It was with this philosophy that Angels approached their business communications system from Mitel. Working with Mitel authorised partner Arden Telecom, Angels implemented a Mitel private cloud deployment in which the MiVoice Business and MiVoice Border Gateway software are hosted on Angel’s own servers, providing VoIP telephony for more than 100 handsets in 3 London-area locations. Angels knew that keeping their phone systems running properly around the clock could not be left to chance, with so many events on a typical network that can impact voice quality. In fact, when a user reported a problem such as an echo, static or distortion on their calls, it could be very difficult for their IT organisation to pinpoint its cause. Angels needed data that would confirm the user experience and identify the source of a voice quality problem.


The team at Arden Group understands this challenge well. That’s why the company has rolled out the MarWatch fault & performance management software for all of their Mitel deployments. MarWatch monitors the performance and availability of Mitel systems around the clock, delivering an alert in real-time if a problem is detected. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) also provides single-click secure remote access to devices on the customer’s network and active testing tools for problem resolution.


“Since MarWatch is specifically designed for Mitel systems, it gives us a great depth of visibility into Angels’ network”, said Stefan Bagiensky, Chief Technology Officer for Arden Telecom. “We can access their network easily using MarWatch, and isolate the source of a problem quickly. A developing voice quality problem can often be caught before it can impact users”. Proactively preventing downtime for their phone systems is important to Angels. At Halloween, it’s not uncommon to see customers lined up around the block at their Angels Fancy Dress retail location in London’s theatre district. “While reliable communications are important to us year-round, at Halloween it becomes critical”, said Jeremy Angel of Angels the Costumiers. “The store spans 5 floors, and with high call volume coupled with the need for fast communication within departments, customer service depends on reliable voice services. MarWatch gives us confidence that our network will perform reliably even under high volume conditions”.

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