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5 Great Features of Office 365 That You’re Not Using…. Yet

Since Office 365 replaced BPOS Microsoft has been making giant strides in functionality and usability of the service. It is now the go-to subscription model for many businesses, but did you know that it has some really cool features that can save you time and money? Here are five features of Office 365 we love:

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1) Skype chat in Office online

Collaboration doesn’t just mean you’re sharing a document online. New to Office 365 online is a Skype chat facility from within the Word or Powerpoint application window.

Simply click the new “Chat” button and away you go. What’s more, you can continue to chat even when you all finish the document.


2) Don’t attach files to email – just link to them

Email is possibly one of the most misused tools we have, and far too much sensitive information is passed over email systems.

With Outlook Online you can now just link to a document kept on Office 365 cloud. Not only does this mean that you’re not physically sending the file but it also means they can make changes etc as required and not have to save it and then return it to you.


3) De-clutter your inbox (finally)

As mentioned above, email is pretty misused. Not only that, time is wasted as we wade through email that really we don’t need or want.

Clutter learns, so if you stick with it emails are prioritised to suit the way you work and important emails are fed to the top so you can focus on those first. You have a clutter box where emails you don’t tend to read or are irrelevant are filed for when you want to kill some time!


4) Ignore those dreadful “reply all” emails

You have an email to send to a bunch of people and everyone replies with a “reply all”. It is so inefficient (set up a Skype chat session with people if it needs collaboration) and a total waste of pixels most of the time.

So now, within Outlook, you have an “ignore” button. All those ignored emails get put in the deleted box without you even seeing them. Perfect.



5) Edit PDF documents

Speaks for itself really. We have been asked about this for years and had varying degrees of success with some third party apps. Now it is included in Office 2013/2016.

Go to File > Open and browse to the PDF file. Word opens the PDF content in a new file. You can copy any content you want from it—including images and diagrams.


Our lives are getting busier and demands of work seem to forever increase. By using applications fully hopefully we can work smarter rather than harder.

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