Top Three Reasons to Adopt Cloud Telephony

With changes to technology and the way that we work, it is sometimes challenging for businesses to decide if or when to invest. Cloud telephony, for example, has been on the market for many years now but sales still lag behind other cloud services such as email and data storage. This could be for a number of reasons such as fears over reliability and system life cost. It could be that it was never offered to you by your suppliers.

However, cloud telephony has many advantages over a traditional PABX phone system. Here are our top 3:


People are wanting to change the way they work. We are becoming more flexible as a country with many now working outside of the normal 9 to 5. It is no wonder that 76% of businesses see at least a 10% increase in employee productivity* when they allow staff to become more mobile. This shouldn’t surprise us because 83% of people believe mobility has a positive impact on career progression*. Working with more flexibility no-brainer. But how can a mobile and flexible workforce be catered for? Enter Cloud Telephony. By having hosted telephony you have mobility “out of the box”. Calls can be routed to people no matter where they are and on whatever device is most suitable – a mobile, a laptop or even a traditional desk phone. Want to transfer calls? Direct to voicemail? No problem. For businesses that have multiple sites, a location independent mobile workforce or are looking to improve productivity then cloud telephony should be considered very carefully.


Remember VCRs? By the time they started being replaced they were packed with features and technology. Sadly you needed to be a rocket scientist to understand them all or have the patience of a saint to read the 600-page instruction manual. The PABX is very similar. Have you got the right cards for the system? Have you got the right licenses? Do the staff know how to use the system? Have you shopped around for this year’s maintenance contract? Do you need to upgrade the software? Many businesses who have older systems still need to ring suppliers to change the time on the system when the clocks change. With cloud telephony, this all goes. Both the system administrator and the user has a simple web portal where changes can be made. Need a new starter? Not a problem. Phone up and a new phone is dispatched the next day already programmed up. Has a new feature come out – you instantly have it as part of your subscription. Technology shouldn’t be hard to use and with cloud telephony, it isn’t. This means the actual cost of life presents good value.

Security and Business Continuity

Cloud Telephony addresses many security and business continuity issues. Toll fraud, for example, is now a major crime in the UK however with a hosted platform this risk is mitigated by a number of inbuilt safeguards. In addition, by delivering Quality of Service (QoS) on the network you can reduce risks of poor call quality. Better yet is that should you need to instigate a Business Continuity plan cloud telephony can almost instantly be set up to divert to other sites or individual users.

These are just three benefits. We could discuss many more. If you’re looking to change your phone system or thinking about how your workforce operates then considering cloud telephony should be a priority.

*Source: IBM Mobile Enterprise Study 2013

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