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Do You Control Your Companies Domain?

This is one of the first questions we ask prospective IT clients and you would be surprised at the answers. Your domain name is key to your business. Yet many leave it to their website company to control it. This is like handing your business to someone you have very little control over.

Why is domain control so important?

The main reason is the Name Server. This allows the person accessing it to point your account to the servers that support your email, website and other services. If these name servers are changed then your email and/or website either stops working or it gets moved to another service.

Your domain also allows you to provide access to others – like your web developer or your IT company for example. However if you own and have overall control you can withdraw this at any time providing your business with some level of protection. Other reasons to own and control your domain include ensuring your domain is locked, so it cannot be moved without your say so and also to update WHOIS information which ensures that your contact information is accurate.

We have had instances in the past where businesses were almost held hostage to companies they no longer wanted to use. In one case the company didn’t even own the domain name. This meant when the relationship with the website designer went sour they were stuck. The website design company demanded many thousands of pounds to release the domain. Approaches to the host of the domain (a US based company) were fruitless and so it became a choice of expensive and drawn out litigation or paying the money.

The potential for business disruption and reputational damage could be severe for overlooking this one very simple facet of your IT.

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