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To improve productivity great teamwork is needed. The key to great teamwork is great communication. With collaboration tools, you and the team you work with can be anywhere in the world. Distance is no longer an obstacle. Office 365 continues to add tools and functionality that means that you can work and collaborate more easily and efficiently. Here are three new features:


How many emails or phone calls do you make when trying to organise a conference call or meeting with people outside your organisation. How about Monday? No Monday is no good for someone so you end up with a dozen emails trying to find something that suits everyone. FindTime cures this. It is a simple plugin to Outlook and your Office 365 web portal. You send out a vote with all the times you’re free and people can come back with preference or suggest another time within your availability. Once a consensus is formed it will send an invite out to everyone (which will be accepted because they have voted for that time). This saves time and your inbox filling up with emails. Brilliant.

Office 365 collaboration now on IoS

Office is now free on IoS but if you have a valid Office 365 license you can unlock many other features. You can, for example, open your files in OneDrive, Sharepoint, iCloud, Google Drive or even Dropbox (see me after class if you use Dropbox!). When you open a document from another Microsoft location (e.g. OneDrive) it will bring you back to where you left off – even it was last closed on another device. But we’re talking about collaboration so you can now also share the document from the app just by selecting the share icon. Easy.

Conference Call set up with a click

Sometimes you need to organise a conference call with your team to discuss things. But conference calls can be a bit of a pain to organise and run. We have a simple solution. This is another add-in for Outlook that is driven by our conference bridge solution. It makes setting up multi-party conference calls a breeze and costs next to nothing. Simply click on the button to instantly deliver the invite with a dial in number and the relevant PIN code. It couldn’t be easier. Want to add video or desktop screen sharing then you can. Ask your account manager or give us a call.

By driving effective and easy to use collaboration tools you can improve productivity and make the best use of your time. What’s not to like?

Arden Group are a Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning we can help you get the most out of these Office 365 tools. To find out more, contact us today.

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