5 Tips to achieve an organised inbox

5 tips to achieve Inbox Zero

Manage your e-mail better: for all you out there that have inboxes with 1000’s of unread e-mails.

I know that many of you might struggle to deal with the e-mail load – but worry not – help is on its way!
Using these simple tips, for the second time in my career, I’ve managed to reach Inbox Zero.

Here’s How…

1. Unsubscribe from all the spam

We all get an absolute shedload of e-mail that we don’t ever read. So why receive it at all? Almost all of the e-mails you receive have an “Unsubscribe” link somewhere at the bottom so spend some valuable time unsubscribing & prevent your inbox cluttering up.

Top Tip
How do I find all of the emails I can unsubscribe from?
Simple! Search your entire mailbox for the word “Unsubscribe” and voila!
Top Tip
A. Think twice before CCing someone
B. Use Rules to Filter the CC’s so they go to a different folder and read at your leisure
C. Stop using Reply-to-all

2. Create Rules

Do you receive a lot of automated e-mails from things like monitoring systems or distribution groups? Learn how to use rules, to either direct them to a different folder, discard them or whatever else you want to do with them.

You might have heard of what I refer to as the “CC” culture. In short, it’s when everyone gets CC’d on everything. Annoying right? Use CC for what it’s designed for which is something you should be aware of but not something you should take action on.

3. Stop the chatter

E-mail is not the tool to use as a chatroom. Use an IM platform for it – Skype (for Business), Google Hangouts or even a WhatsApp group.

Have you tried WhatsApp Web? Give it a go! https://web.whatsapp.com/

Need something better suited to the corporate world? Click here to contact our team!
Top Tip
Use a ‘holiday filter’
If you’re like me and have only one device, not a corporate one and a personal one, you don’t appreciate the influx of work emails you receive whilst on holiday. So,  during a holiday, receive only what is sent to you with high priority. Let the rest go to another folder.

4. Be selective at what you receive on the go

Synchronising all your e-mails to your smartphone is insane. Now that you’re using the rules and e-mails are in the right folders, synchronise only the folders with content that really matters to you while you’re out of the office!

CC’s folder? – That can wait!
Automated notifications? – That can wait!
Inbox – OK, that I should be made aware of.

5. Done with the e-mail? File it, archive it, or delete it.

Don’t keep loads of junk in your inbox. Keep only what needs your attention or action – basically a to-do list.
Here’s how it works:

a. Received an e-mail? Read it!

b. Does it need you to action?

i. No?
Do you need to keep it?

1. No = Delete it – you won’t miss it!
2. Yes = archive it away or put it in a dedicated folder

ii. Yes?
Flag it, Pin it do whatever you need to do to mark it as “Action needed”

c. Then read the next one (in case it’s more important)

You basically should end up with a list of flagged e-mails that you can action, either now or later.
Once you’re done – un-flag it and again – delete it, file it or archive it! Be ruthless – 99.99% of the time you won’t need that e-mail again anyway!

By Stefan Bagiensky
Chief Technology Officer

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