ESET Security Software

Arden Group Partner with Award Winning ESET for Anti-Virus & DESlock+ Encryption Software

Who are ESET?

ESET Encryption Software

ESET is a leading security solutions provider for companies of all sizes, home users and mobile phone users. They have over 22 years of experience in protecting digital worlds. They are also a recipient of the most Virus Bulletin awards since May 1998, and the only company that has consistently received the highest advanced AV-Comparatives’ award in proactive detection, due to their commitment to anti-virus and encryption software. An additional impressive accreditation is that ESET is included in Gartner’s 2009 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

The company has experienced a 2860% growth over the past 5 years and now has a presence in more than 180 countries worldwide. They have pioneered, and continue to lead the industry in proactive threat detection, protecting over 100 million users.

What is DESlock?


DESlock+ is a suite of powerful encryption tools designed to protect against unintended events like the loss of a USB stick or laptop and to allow secure collaboration and data sharing within complex boundaries. It’s patented share-key management offers a number of encryption features, as follows:

  • Full Disk Encryption

  • Removable Media Encryption

  • Email Encryption

  • File and Folder Encryption

  • Secure File Deletion

  • Web Browser-based Secure Remote Management

  • Mobile Edition for Portable Clients

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