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8 things you need to know about VoIP

VoIP is no longer considered a future technology. Over 1.5 million UK business users are now fully leveraging the flexibility and mobility offered by VoIP solutions to support their evolving work environment.

Some companies, however, are still holding back in a market plagued by myths. Here we take a look at 8 things you need to know when considering a hosted VoIP solution:

1- It’s scalable.

The simplicity of installing additional services and users makes VoIP an ideal candidate for companies who seek the flexibility required to scale up or scale down their telephone network. This solution is ideal for companies who are looking for an adaptive solution that actively supports their individual growth initiatives.

2- Integration’s simple. 

Setting up and installing a VoIP solution is incredibly easy. Particularly with the support of a dedicated communications provider. By evaluating the required bandwidth and network capacity, your provider will recommend and install the best equipment to support your individual business requirements.

3- Quality’s not an issue.

Back when internet connections were unreliable, VoIP struggled to compare with ISDN in terms of quality. However now, with superfast broadband and QoS commonplace, businesses can enjoy crisp, clear VoIP along with the added security of auto call forwarding and voicemail to e-mail.

4- Cost savings all round.

The first saving is on the cost of calls, of course. However, you can also eliminate the cost associated with maintaining and upgrading a traditional phone system by switching to VoIP.

5- Easy to manage.

Working alongside a dedicated communications provider makes managing your VoIP solution simple. Thanks to the use of web portals, the following amendments can be made promptly:

  • Adding or removing a user
  • Installing additional lines
  • Setting up call forwarding
  • Amending your system configurations

6- Security is paramount.

Much like other providers of sensitive online services such as online banking and digital payments, VoIP developers are constantly building sophisticated defence measures like firewalls, redundancy and encryption to ensure your business data remains secure.

7- Improved efficiency.

The portability of your VoIP number means you can take your connection with you, wherever you go. Ideal for employees who travel both locally and abroad. What’s more, its web-based functionality means it integrates seamlessly into other functions like e-mail, fax and conference calls.

8- Keep your numbers.

A common misconception is that switching to VoIP means you have to change your phone number, resulting in unwanted administration. VoIP providers actually offer number porting facilities as well as additional landline and Freephone numbers to support your business as it grows.

If you would like to find out more about how VoIP technology can help to save you money whilst improving your business operations then contact us today to for a hassle free consultation.

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