Tech Tech for Streamlining Law Practices

Top Tech for Streamlining Law Practices

Lately, we have noticed a significant increase in the uptake of managed IT and Communication services amongst our law customers. This is no great surprise given the benefits of modern technology, such as greater business agility and flexibility, increased efficiency and advanced security compliance, talk directly to the needs of the law industry.

Ultimately, firms are now leveraging the tools available to them to reduce administration and technology management, enabling them to spend more time developing relationships and working directly with their clients.

Here we look at the top technologies used by the legal industry and how they help to streamline their practices.

Cloud Computing

Once seen as a security threat, cloud computing is now commonplace across law firms. With major cloud vendors investing millions in the latest and most sophisticated security measures, companies are now putting their trust in this technology and realising the myriad of benefits it can deliver.

The most recognisable benefit to the legal sector is its ability to support an always-on, mobile workforce. With lawyers spending much of their time travelling and visiting clients, cloud computing provides them with a platform they need to access their data and software, anytime and from any location.

The benefits of cloud computing:

– Support mobile and flexible working

– Quickly scale, add storage, capability or features when required

– Transcend geographic separation

– Quick and straightforward set-up compared to on-premise

– Sophisticated disaster recovery and business continuity features

– No need to worry about maintenance or in-house capability

– Hybrid cloud solutions enable firms to test the water, for instance, purchasing data storage in the cloud but retain major applications onsite.

Office 365

The cloud-based Office 365 not only provides legal firms access to the Microsoft applications they are used to, but it also delivers a whole new portfolio of connected applications such as Yammer for improved internal communications, Planner for task management, Skype for Business for IM and video conferencing and Sharepoint for file sharing and collaboration.

The tools in Office 365 enable you to collaborate on matters with teammates, share documents with clients, and connect with other lawyers.

Benefits of Office 365 include:

– Automatic updates – never worry about upgrading software again

– Instant access to the latest application releases, such as Microsoft Teams

– Access software and documents from virtually anywhere, at any time and on any device

– Online storage for safe document sharing

– Secure enterprise-grade cloud-based platform.

Advanced Security Solutions

Law firms deal with lots of sensitive information, meaning online security is an absolute must. As the dependency on technology increases so does the need for the very latest online security. Lately, we have seen an increase in the number of ransomware attacks on small, unprotected, businesses across the UK. Hackers gain access to the companies servers through an infected link and hold the business data ransom until a fee is paid. Attacks such as these can negatively impact a companies reputation, something that lawyers hold dear.

The Security provider ESET provides some of the most advanced security solutions on the market, helping to protect your ICT systems, minimise data theft and safeguard your critical business data from internal and external threats.

Security solutions include: 

– Data back-up and recovery

– Mobile and email security

– Data encryption

– Advanced firewalls anti-virus software.

Call recording and storage

Protecting a law firm’s reputation is high on the agenda for any partner. Repeat business and personal recommendations are key for success and therefore the ability to train and retain high performing staff is critical. Call recording software not only provides senior partners with the perfect foundation for employee training and customer service initiatives, but it can also be used to confirm critical agreements made with the client – quickly resolving any disputes that may arise.

Benefits of call recording include:  

– Identify lost business opportunities

– Benchmark best practice

– Ensure consistency of legal advice provided

– Protect employees from complaints

– Maximise productivity.

IP Telephony

Telephone communications are at the heart of any successful law firm. Replacing your traditional phone systems with an IP alternative, such as VoIP, will better meet the demands of a busy practice, where professionals spend much of their time on the road or working from remote locations.

When it comes to VoIP most businesses are enticed by a reduction in cost. For law firms, it’s the flexibility the solution delivers. Having a portable number means that you can take your connection with you, wherever you go and what’s more, its web-based functionality means it integrates seamlessly into other functions like e-mail, fax and conference calling.

 Benefits of IP telephony include:

– Quick to scale up or scale down based on business requirements

– Take your number with you where you go, ideal for home and flexible workers

– Reduced costs compared with traditional telephone systems

– Take advantage of additional features such as virtual receptionist, auto call forwarding and voicemail to e-mail

– Simple to install, integrate and manage

– No need to change your number when switching to a VoIP solution.

At Arden Group we have been working with law practices across the UK for over 15 years. We understand the challenges you face and the solutions best designed to help streamline your processes. For further information or to talk to one of our account managers then contact us today.

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