Office 365 for Business

Is it Time to Upgrade to Office 365 for Business?

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate, and if your business is to stay ahead of the game, it needs to evolve with it. A successful organisation is one that delivers its message, products and services with quality and care. Microsoft has developed its technology to help your business achieve exactly that. With Office 365, the possibilities are endless.

Not convinced Office 365 is for you? Have a read of this:

Benefits & Features of Office 365

– Collaboration and remote access
– Multiple device usage
– Store, share and edit documents in real time
– No upfront costs
– Always up-to-date
– 1TB per user
– HD video conferencing
– Built-in security

Collaboration and Remote Access

Office 365 delivers a whole host of tools designed to support the changing dynamics of today’s workplace. From home working to international travel, when it comes to collaboration, the location of your staff need never be an issue again.

Top Collaboration Tools:

– Skype for business enables instant messaging and high-quality video conferencing.
Microsoft Teams delivers an online environment for team project collaboration.
– SharePoint provides a safe and reliable platform for file storage and sharing.
– Yammer, the internal communications platform, keeps your employees up-to-date on business activities – no matter where they are.

Multiple Device Usage

You’re out and about, your laptop just died, and you still need to submit that all important board report. No problem. For those on-the-go days, you can now locate, edit and share your documents from multiple devices, including tablets, phones, and PCs.

Store, Share and Edit Documents in Real Time

With Office Online you can now access, share and edit documents in real-time using a single web browser. This unique concept provides further flexibility to the way your employees work, allowing them to share and collaborate on documents both internally and externally. Keep that office feeling, right at your fingertips, wherever you are.

No Upfront Costs

Microsoft’s smart pricing structure means that you won’t have to commit to any expensive upfront costs. Instead, you’ll benefit from a predictable and affordable monthly subscription designed to fit your business needs.

Always Up-To-Date

Software updates are included in your Office 365 subscription, which means your business will always benefit from the latest software features and application releases.

1TB Per User & 50GB Mailbox

With a generous 1TB storage per user, your staff will have no problem storing all their work in one place. Alongside this mass storage, you’ll also receive a 50GB mailbox allowance per user. Your workforce can now access their emails from wherever they are. PC won’t work, and you’ve forgotten the time of that important meeting? Just check another access point such as your phone or tablet. Back to work in no time.

HD Video Conferencing

Sometimes it can be impossible to get the time to meet with clients all over the world. Office 365 now caters to HD video conferencing, enabling you to host clear and reliable meetings from wherever you are.

Built-in security

Office 365 is a security-hardened service, designed following the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle. It brings together the best practices from two decades of building enterprise software and managing online services to give you an integrated software-as-a-service solution. In addition, Office 365 gives you enterprise-grade admin controls to further secure your environment.

Office 365 is the perfect way to keep your business evolving. If you would like to find out more, contact our team of knowledgeable account managers, who are on hand to discuss which Office 365 package is best suited for you and your business.

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