EU data roaming fees

EU Roaming Fees for Mobile Customers Abandoned from Today

New legislation that came into force 15/06/17 means that British citizens can now roam free of charge and use their inclusive mobile tariff when travelling abroad. This will allow people to use their mobile phones in all 28 EU member states, with no hidden charges.

Until today, charges have been added to the cost of texts, calls and data when travelling in the EU. This has meant that holidaymakers and business travellers alike have faced huge bills for using their mobile network abroad. These charges become increasingly significant when consumers used the internet for downloads and streaming.

USwitch Mobiles senior commercial manager Ernest Doku commented “As for the impact Brexit might have on roaming, this is still unclear, though any plans to revert back to a world of roaming at an extra charge would likely be unpalatable for consumers, and so seems an unlikely manoeuvre”.

Unfortunately, the legislation will not be enforced in countries such as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, as they are not part of the EU.

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