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Stop Ransomware in its tracks with Intercept X

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is the number one malware attack affecting businesses today. It can creep into your organisation via email and hold your business-critical systems ransom. Consequently, draining productivity, and it could cost you millions.

Cybercriminals are constantly inventing new forms of highly disruptive ransomware, designed to navigate around security systems that are already in place. However, there is now a nifty piece of software called Intercept X that can protect your business from these cyber-attacks.

It spots it, stops it and immediately reverses the initial effects of the attack.

How does intercept X protect against ransomware?

Say you open an e-mail attachment which you believe to be from a supplier, for example. However, in reality, it’s a cybercriminal posing as your supplier.

Even worse, that innocent attachment you just opened, is infected with ransomware.

Consequently, the ransomware will instantly call out a net command and control server to pull down encryption keys. This will open up all of your files, encrypt them and render them useless.

If you haven’t any anti-ransomware protection on your computer, there is no way back from here. Restoring files can take days and even then, they aren’t guaranteed to be up to date. In a worst-case scenario, the only way files can be restored is to pay the ransom, which can be anything up to £100,000.

Thanks to Intercept X, signs that files are being encrypted in mass are searched for proactively. If it suspects an attack, it instantly stops the process. It then isolates the hard disk and rolls back any changes that have been made.

Once Intercept X has completed its process, you can then get back to work, without the loss of data or system downtime.

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Other features of Intercept X

  • Stops advanced threats from infiltrating your system
  • Delivers anti-exploit protection
  • Shuts down ransomware before it can take hostages
  • Comprehensible threat insight and root cause analysis
  • Deep cleans your system, removing all lingering traces of malware

Protect your business today with Sophos Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X is an advanced next-generation endpoint detection and response platform, that stops malicious threats and exploits such as ransomware. It delivers advanced remediation, removing malware that other vendors miss, and provides an end-to-end forensic level view of an attack, in a straightforward way that does not require a security expert to understand.

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