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Introducing The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung have just announced the launch of their highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 8. Here, we’ve collated all the features and news you need to know about Samsung’s brand new gadget.

On first inspection, the Note 8 looks a lot like the recently released S8, but with it’s straight-edged design, it has a slightly more professional feel. One of its most notable features is it always-on QHD+ AMOLED display, which is stunning when presented on its sizable 6.3 inch screen – Samsung’s biggest screen to date. An obvious downside to its impressive size, is that it may prove to be cumbersome and difficult to operate using only one hand.

Another dominating features introduced in the Note 8 is the addition of the handy S-Pen stylus, which can be slotted away next to the USB port. Critics have noted that this could leave the phone open to water damage, however it’s said to have the same level of IP68 water-resistance as the S8. To accommodate the S-Pen feature, there is less space inside the actual phone for everything else, meaning the battery power has taken a hit.

Samsung has added the ability to draw images with the S-Pen and then send them as GIFs, while the handwriting function has also been adapted and improved. Furthermore, it allows you to hover over a price, word, or even an entire sentence for a quick currency conversion or quick translation.

The introduction of a dual-camera, adds a 12-megapixel telephoto sensor next to a wider-angle 12-megapixel sensor taken from the Galaxy S8. This provides a 2x optical zoom, in a similar way to the OnePlus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as offering a background blur effect. Other features include a front-facing camera, which is eight megapixels, an iris scanner and facial recognition.

Overall, the Note 8 doesn’t really offer much over the S8 and S8+. All the main improvements are focused around the S-Pen and not the specs of the device. The biggest difference between the note and the S8 is the camera, it may not necessarily be ‘better’, but it does seem to offer greater versatility. The Note 8’s price is a huge £869, we’ll have to wait and see whether its performance matches the price tag.

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