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8 tips to help save battery on your iPhone

Do you struggle with saving your battery life on your iPhone? Everyone wants a sleeker more compact handset, but with that comes a compromise on battery performance. In this article we’ve put together some brilliant battery-saving tips that will help keep your battery running all day long.

1) Review your iPhone location services.

Yes location is useful for things like Find My iPhone, Uber and Maps, however chances are these GPS notifications are being used by more apps that you realise –  Go to your iPhone’s Settings < Tap Privacy > Location Services < Turn off

2) Turn on low power mode.

In iOS 10 and iOS 9 there’s a great feature called Low Power Mode, this reduces the overall power requirements of your iPhone and makes your battery last longer; it is claimed by Apple that low power mode adds 3 hours to your battery life. Go to Settings < Battery < Low power mode

3) Close/delete any unwanted or unused apps.

If you’re not using them, delete them. Press and hold the app icon until it starts to shake, then tap the cross to delete it. If you’ve opened an app earlier on in the day and you’re not longer using it, double press the home button and flick upwards to close the app off.

4) Turn the brightness down

Having your phone display on full brightness is a classic battery drainer. To turn it down go to: Settings > Wallpapers and Brightness > Tone, also make sure that auto brightness is turned off too.

5) Auto-lock your iPhone.

While the screen is on, you’re consuming power. To save precious battery life, set your phone to Auto Lock to 30 seconds.

6) Disable unnecessary push notifications.

It fine to receive notifications for things such as texts, calls and key social media applications. However, for most apps, you probably don’t need push notifications, every time you receive one, it zaps a little bit more of your batter life. To review your push notifications, head to your notification centre and disable any unnecessary apps.

7)  Check for email manually.

Push email is another perennial battery drainer, set all accounts to receive updates manually.

8) Don’t Use Automatic App Updates.

Apple’s newly introduced feature allows apps to automatically update when a new version is released. This can be a great time saver, but also a massive drain on your battery life. It’s best to only update your apps when you require them – Open the Settings app < Swipe up until you find iTunes & App StoreUnder Automatic Downloads, turn off the toggle next to Updates.

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