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The power of social responsibility

This year, we decided not to send traditional Christmas cards. Instead, we have made a donation to fully fund a community project with local charity Gro-Organic.

Who are Gro-Organic?

Gro-Organic is a local organisation that works with a diverse range of companies across the West Midlands to deliver environmental and community projects.

What did the project involve?

The first stage of the project saw Arden employees go to Three Trees Community Centre in Chelmsley Wood. They joined Gro-Organic to make tree decorations alongside adults with complex mental, physical and learning needs.

On the day, we provided 5 hours of activities for 10 adults. This, therefore, equated to 50 hours of service/ voluntary work amongst these groups.

We received some incredible feedback from both the community centre and our employees.

Steve Hennessy of Arden commented: “I absolutely loved it, the people I met there were fantastic with such a positive outlook on life count me in for anything like this in the future”

#SocialEnterpriseDay we are happy to be celebrating this with @ArdenGroupLtd – a local business who values its community & empowers us to help other charities & vulnerable groups”

The decorations made at the community centre were then delivered to Acorn’s Children’s Hospice, along with six Christmas trees.

Who are Acorns?

Acorns provide tailored nursing care for children, including short breaks and emergency care, as well as end-of-life care across three locations.

On the day, children with life-limiting illnesses and their families had the chance to join in the decorating, whilst spending quality time together. We completed 6 hours of voluntary work at Acorns. During this time, we put up and decorated the tree in the hospice, as well as working with the children to decorate their own mini trees for their rooms.

Acorn’s commented; “One of the residents named Esther usually won’t work with anyone apart from her carer. However, she really took to Skye and even showed her to her bedroom. The staff were amazed by this. It was a big milestone for Esther.”

The feedback we have received has been overwhelming from Gro-Organic, Acorns and our employees. The whole project has had a profound impact on everyone involved. In particular, employees at Arden who had the chance to leave their desk behind and be personally involved from start to finish.

Sarah, CEO and Founder at Gro-Organic commented: “I can’t tell you what a difference your organisation has made to us, our service users and the hospice with your Christmas card exchange initiative.”

As a business, we really wanted to make a positive impact on the local community. This project has accomplished more than we could have wished for and has made a truly positive impact on all involved.

What did the project deliver?
  • 5 hours of activities for 10 adults with complex and multiple mental, physical and learning needs
  • 50 hours of service/ voluntary work
  • 5 young people classified as NEET, 7 hours of work experience
  • 6 hours of voluntary work for 6 adults, 2 of which were on probation, who had the chance to deliver and erect the tree in the hospice. This will go on their probation record and will be seen as positive active citizenship
  • 6 hours of voluntary work for 6 adults
  • An additional 5 small trees to be put in the rooms of children who will not be home for Christmas

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