The big freeze

Winter Business Continuity – Are you prepared?

With hazardous weather conditions hitting the West Midlands, yesterday the Exec team made the decision to close the Arden Group offices, allowing employees to work remotely, in the safety of their own home. It’s reported that severe weather costs the economy up to £1.2bn a day, but with so many technological advances that enable remote and distant working, why are businesses still risking the welfare of their employees and customers?

Despite most businesses believing they are sufficiently prepared for winter and have stringent business continuity plans in place, nearly 60% of companies report some form of business disruption.

Typically, smaller businesses will struggle, especially if employees can’t get into work and have no system for remote working, or if old systems fail under bad or severe weather conditions. Here are a few things you should consider as part of your Winter Business Continuity Plan:

Where are you?

Think about whether your premises are easy to get to.

  • Can your staff or suppliers get there easily if it snows?
  • Are you at risk if it floods?
  • Do you have alternative premises you could use?
  • Are the roads/public transport usually at risk where you are?
  • Is it time to enable remote and home working?

What business services do you need?

  • What are your business critical processes?
  • Are telephones a must? What about internet and power?
  • How old is your hardware?
  • Is any data at risk of being lost as a result of power outages etc.
  • Should you look at improving your systems or cloud technologies to safeguard against weather impact?

Supplies and logistics

  • If your business relies on supplies and or stock being able to get to you, is this feasible in bad weather?
  • Do you need orders to be collected/sent out?
  • Would you be able to manage this if suppliers couldn’t get to you?


It’s often overlooked, but do your employees have the tools required to complete their work?

  • Considering all the above, can your staff get to alternative locations?
  • Can they work from home?
  • Do you have the technologies to enable flexible working to aid business continuity?

At Arden Group we can deliver a complete Winter Continuity solution, from Office 365 for file sharing and remote access, SIP trunks and hosted voice for teleworking and robust data backup solutions, should the worst happen.

To discuss your Winter Continuity plan, contact Arden Group today.

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