The risks of typosquatting

Typosquatting- Do you know the dangers?

As data protection becomes more sophisticated, hackers keep coming up with new ways to get their hands on business’s data. The newest trend in cybercrime, that everyone should be familiarising themselves with, is typosquatting.

Typosquatting relies on typographical errors when inputting a web address

What is Typosquatting?

• Typosquatting is also known as ‘URL hijacking’ and is a type of cybersquatting which relies on users making typographical errors when inputting a web address. Typosquatters register misspellings of popular domains in an attempt to make money out of the traffic that these mistakes produce.

• These registered pages often attempt to infect your system with malware, or imitate the site you had intended to land on in order to steal your login credentials

Typosquatting can cause your sensitive data to be leaked

One of our partners, Sophos, recently conducted an experiment to further understand the growing threat of typosquatting. They found that 738 of the 14,495 URLs in their downloaded collection were categorised as cybercrime or adult. They also found that over 80% of all possible one-character variants of popular domains such as Facebook and Google are both registered and resolved. This shows that the chance of a small spelling mistake turning into a serious security risk is higher than ever. Click here to read the full report.

What can you do to prevent a data leakage?

• Always double check your spelling of a domain.

• Look out for SSL certificates, as most legitimate websites have one.

• If you do ever find yourself on a page that is not the site you were after, don’t be tempted to click on any links, even if they appear to be to your intended destination.

• Put in place security systems, such as Sophos Endpoint Secuirty, which can block these sites before you even land on them

Don't be a victim to typosquatting, look out for SSL certificates on legitimate sites

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