GDPR Compliance Series

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a piece of legislation set by the  European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and the European Commission to replace the Data Protection Act (1998) and is intended to strengthen data protection. It comes into effect on May 25th, 2018 and will impact the way that business can store and process personal data.

One of the major changes that the GDPR will introduce is higher penalties for non-compliance. Therefore it is important that every organisation that operates within the EU understands the necessary steps they are required to take in order to become compliant.

We have collated a series of articles and resources that are designed to answer some common queries regarding GDPR, and how it will impact each industry in different ways.

Other Resources

To help guide and assist you through the GDPR process we have uploaded the presentations from our most recent GDPR event, as well as a small collection of resources from our partners, addressing some of the most frequently asked questions about GDPR. Click here to access them.

Does your Organisation Require Further GDPR Compliance Traning?

Alongside our partners, we recently held a complimentary GDPR seminar in Birmingham, which proved to be very successful in helping businesses with their GDPR requirements. Contact our team to discuss your compliance plan today.

”I am more aware of the new regulations, aware that I have a lot of work to do but at least I can now get a plan together. Very happy I was invited.”

”The event answered some questions that were grey areas and brought up topics that I can now research”

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We wish to emphasise that Arden Group is a Managed Service Provider and not a legal firm. That means that the views brought forward in this page are not necessarily shared by lawyers or courts.

Arden Group, therefore, does not guarantee that all information is factual and interpreted correctly. If you wish to ensure your advice or your company is legally covered by GDPR, consider consulting legal or specialised advice.

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