How will Openreach's Plan Affect Me?

Openreach Starts Consultation on End of WLR: Is Your Business Ready?

With the global migration to IP based voice services now fully underway, the UK now needs to prepare for BTs withdrawal of its PSTN network by 2025. The major communications service provider, Openreach, has just started a consultation into the end of key products. These include WLR and ISDN, which rely on the PSTN network to operate.

In preparation for the turn-off, Openreach has stated that from September 2023, it will cease selling new WLR lines (see full list below). It will start focusing the following two years on migrating all remaining end customers before WLR products are finally withdrawn in 2025.

Over 16 million lines will need to be migrated, in addition to the upgrade to many business’s communications equipment, so that they are able to support IP voice services.

Why is BT withdrawing PSTN?

BT has stated that its reason for withdrawing PSTN is that it doesn’t want the UK to be behind the rest of the world in terms of communication technology. France will have an ‘all IP’ network by 2020 and Germany will be fully digital by the end of 2018.

What products will this effect?

When the PSTN closes, a number of Openreach products will no longer work:

  • WLR 3 analogue

  • ISDN 2

  • ISDN 30


  • Narrowband Line Share

  • Classic Products