Vodafone Network Boost

Network Boost for Vodafone Users

At Arden, we carefully select our partners to ensure that our customers benefit from the best service at competitive prices. That’s why we’ve now been providing Vodafone services for the past 5 years.

They have recently made a number of significant advances within their network which will further advance their capabilities and service. We’ll also be looking at the new products that will be on offer in the second half of 2018.


Vodafone Investment

Over the past 2 years, approximately £2bn has been spent improving Vodafone’s network and services. Of that, £803m has been spent providing the widest available 4G spectrum in the UK, with a 98% indoor coverage commitment. As a result, there has been a 24% improvement in dropped call rate in London, and a total of 16 million fewer dropped calls per quarter. Additionally, Vodafone has now achieved 84% 4G outdoor population coverage across the UK.

Furthermore, £2bn is set to be spent over the coming years on continuous improvement to the network.


In-depth testing carried out by industry experts have provided insights to Vodafone, which have then enabled them to action tailored improvements such as faster connections and greater speech quality.

This same testing also highlighted that Vodafone is the #1 for voice in London and for operational excellence.

Vodafone Boost

Network Improvement

Vodafone Network

Over the past 12 months, network availability and dropped call rate have remained stable, with the amount of dropped calls being the lowest ever. On top of this, call set up success remained stable and drop call rates continue to lessen each quarter.

Vodafone Red Stream

Red Stream is Vodafone’s dedicated IP network, designed to aid digital transformation. The unified optical network helps to deliver truly converged communications that help to future-proof businesses.

Red Stream, is designed for 99.99% availability, as well as being the secure network that underpins the security of UK government departments worldwide. The service also enables customers to be agile, since it is future-proofed with one IP connection to Red Stream, allowing customers to access a variety of voice and data services. Finally, Red Stream is accessible, with 2000 points of presence local to 73% of enterprise locations.

It already powers unified communications, cloud and hosting, connectivity and voice, proving its reliability as a tool within managed communications.

What’s Next?

‘Wi-Fi calling for enterprise’ is the latest innovation from Vodafone, and it will be launching in November. Its aim is to benefit customers who have connectivity challenges in certain locations across the UK.

There are a number of benefits to implementing Wi-Fi calling which can help with connectivity and overall business continuity:

  • It is easy to use, without the requirement of separate apps or hardware
  • Users can make calls where there is no mobile signal, as long as there is Wi-Fi
  • The recipient of the call does not need to have Wi-Fi calling
  • It comes at no extra cost to your existing call plan
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