Technology trends of 2018 H1

The Tech Trends of 2018 so Far

Our industry – like many today – is one which moves very quickly. New innovations are constantly being developed which have the potential to change how we do things day-to-day, how we interact with each other and how businesses operate. Similarly, they also change how we respond to challenges like threats to data security.

Since we are now halfway into 2018, let’s explore some of the most influential trends we have seen become a reality this year.

Charging in the blink of an eye

Charging in the blink of an eye

One trend which has the tech industry abuzz right now is quick-charging batteries. They now have the potential to charge smartphones and other personal devices in a matter of minutes.

Innovations like this could trigger the development of quick-charging batteries in other realms.

Electric vehicles, for instance, could benefit greatly from this technology. A car that can run for more than 150 minutes on a 5-minute charge would make electric vehicles a viable alternative to the traditional car. This is something which hasn’t been possible up until this point.

Augmented reality has flourished

After the overwhelming success of Pokémon Go – and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite set to soon be released – we’re all familiar with AR. This has been aided by Apple’s launch of its own system which made the technology accessible to the masses.

Augmented Reality

Having such a large platform has supported the scalability of AR for developers. This means that the apps that numerous businesses have developed in recent years could be elevated to include AR. IKEA, for instance, has run with the technology to help customers visualise furniture in their homes. They are utilising the technology to create an immersive, commercially-driven AR experience.

Once we’ve fully realised the value of AR’s applicability on our smartphones, it’s only a matter of time before we begin to see it embedded into our everyday lives in a variety of forms. The HoloLens from Microsoft, for instance, enables us to interact with holograms in the world around us, and we’re sure to see further developments on this front throughout the rest of 2018.

Cloud has continued to grow

Cloud has continued to grow

Businesses have quickly become accustomed to the simplicity and high-performance capability offered by the cloud.

In recent years we’ve seen this change how employees work, with a greater proportion of the individuals working remotely. Despite being in different physical locations, the need to work collaboratively has been more important than ever.

This year, we’ve seen the rise of services like Horizon. This service is extremely valuable to our customers, bringing with it a host of benefits. Phone networks across multiple sites have been seamlessly connected, providing a scalable system which can grow as the business does.

MiCloud also takes cloud services to the next level, better supporting the flexible working practices of today’s businesses by offering an easy-to-use system with greater mobility and reliability – crucial for the demands of the modern business.

Our focus has shifted to security

Stemming from the increased use of digitised solutions like the cloud, security has moved further into the spotlight in 2018. 2017 was the year the NHS was severely disrupted by WannaCry and a number of high profile companies had their networks infected by NotPetya, and barely a week has since passed where cybersecurity has been out of the news.

Focus on Security

With such frequent attacks and the introduction of the GDPR legislation this year, ensuring data security has been an ongoing concern. But with cyber attacks now far more sophisticated, devising solutions requires a new way of thinking.

To discover how these technological innovations could help your business to flourish in 2018, contact our team today.

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