How to get the most from your mobile provider

How to Get The Most From Your Mobile Provider

It has been reported that only 53% of Brits are actually happy with their mobile service. EE and Three are said to have the highest levels of satisfaction, at 58%, but even here there is significant room for improvement. 

Why are customers so dissatisfied? 

One of the likely reasons why, in general, customers are so unhappy with their mobile providers is the unrealistic expectations set by Telco’s themselves. Their messaging leads customers to demand complete connectivity, 100% of the time, which in reality is a tall order to achieve.

Additionally, when under a business mobile contract, many employees do not get to choose their mobile provider, meaning they can end up with a highly unreliable service depending on their location. This issue is made worse still by the increase in remote working that is done in this digitally transforming era.  

Ultimately, this leads to an increased demand for 5G services. 5G is predicted to be the leading product when it comes to connectivity, so mobile operators are currently in a cat and mouse game to see who will first invest in its infrastructure. In the end, though, our belief is that the provision of 5G will be key to earning new customers.  

So, how can these issues be combated?  

It seems that flexibility, as well as value for money, are the most important factors in ensuring that every employee is able to get the most from their mobile provider. It has been reported that price still remains the defining factor for businesses deciding on a mobile provider.

Research suggests that 79% of people would be willing to pay slightly more on their mobile bill if it meant that they would receive faster connection speeds and higher levels of reliability.

At Arden Group, our multi-network contracts mean that each of your employees can choose the provider that is best suited to them, whilst ensuring that each contract is wrapped up into one easy to manage and affordable bill. This means that coverage will be improved, along with employee satisfaction. Contact our team today to find out more about getting the most from your mobile contract. 

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