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Which DaaS Device is Right for You?

Here at Arden, we recently launched our new Device as a Service (DaaS) solution. Through this, we offer industry-leading devices, fully loaded with the latest operating and security software, all within a flexible and easy to digest monthly subscription fee.

Within the solution, four devices are available. Each of which is ideal for different types of people; such as those who require the ability to work remotely, or those who place the most value on battery life.

In this article we will be helping you to decide which device is best for you:

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface Pro has been described as ‘the finest example of a laptop-tablet hybrid’. This makes it perfect for staying connected in an ‘always-on’ working world.

The device features the portability of a tablet whilst running on laptop-level power. It is thin and sleek, with a 12.3″ screen and a weight as little as 768g. They are available with m3, i5 or i7 core processors and with 4,8 or 16gb of RAM, meaning they are able to compete with standard laptops.

Microsoft Surface Pro

In the newest versions of the Surface Pro, the kickstand has been made capable of more motion. Therefore, it is able to facilitate almost any working environment.

Additionally, the 5-megapixel front-facing camera will enhance the quality of your video conferences when working remotely.

When it comes to the screen, the Surface Pro now comes with enhanced colour options, meaning heightened accuracy for those needing to work on photo and video editing software. The only downside is that the screen is more reflective than other devices on the market. However, glare can be easily combated by the aforementioned flexibility of the Surface Pro’s kickstand.

“There are a number of reasons why I chose a surface. Firstly, the aesthetics are great. It’s lightweight and the screen is exceptional. Secondly, it enables me to work in any location, be that at home, in the office, or on the train, with the same great user experience. Lastly, high-level security features such as facial recognition come included within Windows 10, meaning my data is always safe”

– Steve Hennessy, Account Director

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE

As you can imagine, the Surface Pro LTE shares many of the same features as its predecessor. However, it has been further enhanced for improved connectivity and continuity with consistent internet connection even when on the move.

The new Surface Pro with LTE advanced delivers 4G LTE connectivity around the world with the support of 20 LTE bands.

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE
Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Surface Laptop is the third in Microsoft’s portfolio of Surface products that are available within Arden’s Device as a Service Solution. Its main differentiating factor is that it is built in the same way as a ‘normal’ laptop as opposed to being a laptop-tablet hybrid. It is, therefore, more appealing to a large number of users. Having said this, it is still a thin and lightweight device, being 14.5mm thick with a weight of only 1.25kg. As with the rest of the surface range, this makes it easily portable.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The device seems to have been made with business people in mind, since it features are ideal for large amounts of typing and working within the Microsoft Office suite. Within the keyboard, the keys sit in a sunken section so lay level with the palm rest and there’s also a back-light with three levels of brightness.

Additionally, the screen is a less commonly found 3:2 aspect ratio. This makes it perfect when working with Word documents or Excel sheets.

Arguably the most astonishing feature of the Surface Laptop, however, is the extensive battery life. Microsoft claims a 14.5-hour battery life, however, some tests have shown that the device is able to last up to 16 hours!

It is a somewhat customisable device in terms of core processor and RAM options, meaning there is likely an ideal Surface Laptop on the market for everyone.

HP Elitebook
HP Elitebook

The HP Elitebook is the most affordable device that is available through our Device as a Service solution. It is also perfect for those of you who may not be interested in purchasing a device from Microsoft’s Surface range.

This laptop is specifically designed for corporate professionals, however, this means it has less diverse entertainment features. If you’re looking for a device strictly for work purposes, however, the HP Elitebook is ideal.

This device is designed to meet military standards. Therefore, it is resistant to vibrations, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures. Its resilient build quality, combined with high power functionality means that it will enable you to work in almost any environment.

Another highlight of the Elitebook is the screen. The 14-inch TFT screen uses a matte finish, eliminating reflections, making it easy to view regardless of location. Built around the same high-powered Intel Core i7 620M processor as the Apple MacBook Pro, performance is outstanding. Even the most demanding software opens and runs quickly and easily, helping to increase overall productivity.

“Working in Marketing, I rely on heavy-duty software which can put a lot of stress on your device. It was for this reason that I chose the HP Elitebook. Whether I am in the office or on the road, I can run Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign simultaneously without a reduction in operating power and more importantly a reduction in productivity.”

– Nicola Quine, Head of Marketing and Sales Support

Get your hands on your chosen device, loaded with the best operating and security software, for as little as £55* per month

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