Public Cloud Data Security

Why Your Public Cloud Data Isn’t as Secure as You Might Think.

Easy to scale and highly cost-effective, Cloud technology provides the flexibility modern businesses demand. However, many businesses do not realise that they are responsible for securing the data that they store in the public cloud. Public cloud platforms include:

In this blog post, we will be covering the threats that are posed to public cloud data, and how you can keep yours secure.

What are the Risks to Public Cloud Data?

  • Data Breaches

    Data breaches are often caused by human error, application vulnerabilities or poor security practices, and cost, on average, £2.48 million.

  • Insufficient Identity and Access Management

    Insufficient access management enables unauthorised access to data, which therefore results in data leakage

  • System Vulnerabilities

    With the advent of multi-tenancy in the cloud, systems from various organizations are placed close to each other and given access to shared memory and resources, creating a new attack surface.

  • Malicious Insiders

    A malicious insider, such as a system administrator, can access potentially sensitive information and can have increased levels of access to more critical systems.

  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

    APTs are a parasitical form of cyber-attack that infiltrates systems to establish a foothold in the IT infrastructure of target companies, from which they steal data. Once in place, APTs can move laterally through data centre networks and blend in with normal network traffic to achieve their objectives

How Can I Secure my Data?

Deploy an identity and access management solution

Train your staff

Establish and enforce cloud security policies

Put measures in place to secure your endpoints

Use intrusion detection and prevention technology

Here at Arden, we recommend Microsoft Azure for your cloud deployment. On top of this, we work with Sophos to provide the best security for your public data.

Sophos offers XG Firewall and Server Protection, designed to secure your Azure environment. Together, they synchronise network and endpoint security against today’s most advanced threats.

Contact us today to find out more about securing your data.

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