Enabling remote working

How to Enable Remote Working Within Your Business

In 2018, we have seen a shift in trends surrounding flexible and remote working. Nowadays, it has been reported that 77% of workers would like flexible working to be incorporated into their work week.

Additionally, 54% of employees would move to a different company if it meant that they were given flexible working hours. Of this 54%, 18% would even take a pay cut or demotion!

So, we’ve established the importance of flexible and remote working, but how it be enabled within your business? Below, we have outlined our top 3 tools used to enable remote working.

For those who spend a lot of time visiting customers and partners, and going to industry events, collaboration tools are essential. It’s important to be able to communicate as a team, even when working remotely. This ensures that projects are able to keep moving at a good pace.

At Arden Group we use Microsoft Teams as our collaboration software. This is for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s the industry-leading collaboration software
  2. It comes included in most of the Office 365 packages

One of the most notable features of our hosted telephony solution is the Mitel MiCollab application. It works to make your mobile an extension of your desk phone. Consequently, if you’re out and about, you’re still able to answer calls that are made to the office.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud-based environment which enables you to access, store and share all of your files and documents.

This winter was particularly bad and impacted a lot of employees in terms of their ability to get to work. However, during this time Arden Group saw a zero per cent drop in productivity. The reason for that was that our employees were able to log into their Microsoft account at home. Therefore, they could access their emails and files, and continue to operate from the safety of their own home.

OneDrive is a great tool for making sure that business and revenue isn’t lost in times such as this.

Take a look at our industry insights video:

Head of Marketing & Sales Support, Nicola Quine, discusses her top 3 tools for enabling remote working.

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