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Sophos Introduces EDR to Intercept-X.

‘Am I under attack?’

‘Where is the attack taking place?’

‘How do I react?’

IT managers regularly ask themselves these time-sensitive questions. However, without a trained security expert who knows how to analyse potential threats, intercepting a cyber attack in real-time is very difficult.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a cybersecurity technology that continuously monitors endpoints for suspicious activity and immediately responds to active threats.

Sophos noticed that typical EDR software has a number of issues:

sophos intercept x advanced with EDR

They are often difficult to use, and usually, rely on expert security analysts to decipher threats. What’s more, teams either suffer from a lack of data or are overwhelmed by data.

sophos intercept x advanced with EDR

Blind spots within typical EDR software make it difficult to gain a clear understanding of what is happening.

sophos intercept x advanced with EDR

Typical EDR software is time-consuming, therefore, incident response times are usually slow.

Data breaches don’t define victim companies but how they respond to them does.

That’s why EDR is so important. Sophos understands the importance of EDR and, as a result, has enhanced its Intercept X Endpoint protection platform with new EDR capabilities.

Intercept X Advanced with EDR benefits from deep learning artificial intelligence capabilities that help organisations with threat hunting and advanced malware detection. The new feature also benefits from an integration with SophosLabs threat intelligence to help understand threats and what actions should be taken to remediate them. With EDR businesses of all sizes and those with limited resources can add threat tracking a to their security defences, reducing the time criminal hackers can hide in their network.

What are the benefits of Intercept X Advanced with EDR?

  • Endpoint Protection and EDR in a single solution.

  • Increased endpoint defences which will help to remove blind spots

  • Machine learning which prioritises incidents and analyses files, providing suggestions throughout

  • EDR helps users to make more informed decisions in a shorter amount of time

  • It provides on-demand access to curated intelligence from SophosLabs

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