Premium fashion chain AllSaints runs a global brand, turning over more than £200m a year via standalone stores, concessions, distribution centres and international offices at over 120 locations.

Arden Group’s understanding of the particular challenges facing AllSaints and technology in the retail sector as a whole enabled us to deliver a fully bespoke, managed service across the company’s global network. Notably, for the principal head offices in London, New York and Hong Kong.


The company wanted an equally global network of stable connectivity technology to improve its communications between locations, its stock management and its customers. Additionally, it was important for their network to be robust enough for expansion in the future.

Business Requirements:
•Improved global connectivity
•Room to expand


A retail operation like AllSaints presented multiple challenges to a telecoms partner: a constant demand for innovation; knowledge of different technologies and regulations for each new market and the ability to meet short timescales. In addition to the telecommunications, Arden Group needed to consider a stable management system that would accommodate other areas of the business, such as stock control and customer service. It was also vital that each territory operated smoothly, regardless of the time of day.


•Decreased telephony spend
•Improved stability across departments
•Worldwide connectivity

Arden Group delivered fixed line, traditional connectivity via DSL technologies; conventional networked PABX services; VoIP services; and MPLS connectivity to the 120 locations across Europe and the US, which provided AllSaints with an opportunity to consolidate its telephony spend. Measures were also implemented to enhance WAN facilities and network structure, which in turn improved the stability of customer services departments, the online shop, stock control and even a CCTV camera system, 24 hours a day.

Today new cost-saving technologies are still being rolled out across the AllSaints’ estate.

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