CJC Consulting

Established in 2009, CJC is an industry leading international consultancy, operating exclusively in the market data sector. Growing from just 3 employees to a global service provider, CJC needed a reliable conferencing facility to enable real-time collaboration.


CJC Consulting operates around the clock, around the world, communicating constantly and responding quickly to support clients’ data needs. A reliable telecoms system is vital, as is the ability to communicate through ‘anytime’ audio and web conferencing to reduce travel costs and time.

Business Requirements

• A reliable telecoms system

• ‘Always on’ audio and web conferencing


Arden Group looked at the most important services CJC Consulting provided for their clients on a day-to-day basis. It transpired that what was of utmost importance was the ability to schedule ‘ad-hoc’ calls and online meetings.



• The ability to schedule conferences in just one click

• Increased employee knowledge and understanding

• Increased control through the use of an online portal

A new audio and web conferencing service took just two weeks to implement, including data capture and account creation. Full training was provided to end-users including the MS Outlook plug-in which gave them the ability to schedule conferences straight into their diary with one click.

A bespoke pricing package enables CJC Consulting to calculate exact costs of calls, plus add and create accounts in seconds using an online portal.

Is it time you enhanced your collaboration tools?