CoLaw was created from the consolidation by the current Directors of an Employment Law company and a Health & Safety consultancy.

With an organisation established in total for over 12 years, they employ several world class practitioners and look after over 80 UK based businesses.


CoLaw had three major issues they wanted resolving: their old server was not secure or future-proof; they were unhappy with the level of strategic service and increasing cost of their IT support supplier; staff wanted more flexible working, including remotely.

Business Requirements

• Improved security of their server

• Reduced IT support costs

• Flexible working capabilities


Moving CoLaw to a cloud-based solution would replace their clunky old server, improve security, provide access to documents 24/7 which would preserve them in the event of a disaster and allow retrieval by staff whenever and wherever.



• Minimum downtime

• Increased responsiveness

• Implementation of secure technology

In order to perform a flawless migration to Microsoft Office 365, Arden Group upgraded their XP systems to Windows 7 on new workstations. To keep disruption to a minimum, we installed each workstation one at a time. We carried out an audit and cleaned up the server to ensure it was ready for document migration. We moved documents and email to Microsoft 365 and central storage and data access was resolved using Microsoft’s secure online Sharepoint. As well as improving flexibility issues, the new system increased responsiveness.

CoLaw continues to work alongside Arden Group and makes good use of our IT support services, including a move to a hosted telephony platform and now benefits from receiving both IT and telecoms support from us.

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