Eurocell is the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of UPVC products thanks to a combination of precision extrusion capabilities, product innovation and customer service excellence.


Eurocell were facing multiple challenges:

  •  Management of connectivity across their 100+ sites
  •  Delivery of real-time applications (such as Citrix or Voice) was proving to be challenging.
  •  User experience was dreadful.
  •  Difficulties in providing business resources centrally.
  •  Complex management of their growing voice estate.


Arden Group have experience in this field and have worked with a number of clients with similar challenges. Understanding the challenge is an important process and we needed to make sure that realistic expectation
levels from both parties could be achieved. Numerous meetings, site surveys and product designs were discussed. Both parties agreed the final project plan and commercials were put in place.


• Increase in business

• Lowered administrative overheads

• A reliable and flexible private cloud infrastructure

After five months of intense work – including visiting all of Eurocell’s 137 branches across the UK – the detailed planning paid off. They now streams product range video to every branch.

The result has been a sharp increase in business. And it doesn’t end there. Voice overlay onto the MPLS and utilising VOIP technology are the next steps forward for Eurocell.

We continue to work with Eurocell enabling the current communications technology to compliment and empower
their business. They already now enjoy the benefits of lowered administrative overheads and a reliable, flexible, private cloud infrastructure. This allows the IT department to spend more time on developing the business rather than simply supporting it. Arden Group continue to be the communications technology partner for them on
their journey towards the next steps of architecture maturity.

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