Kellan Group

Kellan Group PLC is a market leading recruitment business operating across a wide range of industry sectors.


The Group’s main objective is to develop, through acquisition and organic growth, a portfolio of premium brands within the currently fragmented recruitment sector. It currently has three brands – Berkeley Scott, Quantica and RK – covering finance, IT, supply chain, legal, retail, manufacturing, HR and leisure.


Kellan recognised that it needed to build a platform that would grow with the business, integrate more up-to-date technologies, and demonstrate a clear ROI over a three-year period. We designed a number of solutions which would align with their business objectives. We soon found the right one to implement that was robust and resilient enough to do the job and totally compatible with their infrastructure.


Kellan’s new Avaya telephony platform utilises a whole host of unified communications allowing the business to work efficiently. Mobile and video has also been integrated to all members of staff across the company. This has made their interviewing process of applicants cost-effective, versatile and time-responsive to their candidates. The old ISDN infrastructure has been replaced, saving a small fortune on line rentals and call costs.

This is only the first stage of Arden Group’s relationship with Kellan and we are working together on a number of projects, which we plan to deliver over the coming months.