Mather Jamie.

Mather Jamie Ltd are an East Midlands property specialists. Commercial and agricultural surveying and advising on residential and commercial development is their forte.


The most pressing issue identified by us was that a lack of strategic investment and advice was threatening to disrupt Mather Jamie’s business and had the additional potential to cause data loss. What’s more, the property specialists were also experiencing major email disruption. This was having a detrimental effect on their productivity levels. Nor was this helped by their poor broadband speeds.

Business Requirements
• Strategic advice

• Improved productivity

• A reliable broadband solution


From working closely with Mather Jamie, we at Arden highlighted the need for an IT infrastructure that increased team productivity, in order to get this business back on track. It was also clear to members of our team that they would benefit from efficient information sharing, a system resilient to IT disruptions and the tools to increase business flexibility and responsiveness.



• Broadband service was tripled

• Security threats were reduced

• Productivity levels increased

• Ongoing IT support was provided to help keep Mather Jamie online, 24/7

During this project, a fully managed system was set up by ourselves. This meant that Mather Jamie’s broadband service was tripled since fibre was unavailable in their location.

Additionally, their level of security was upgraded by installing a high-level Cisco firewall. This solution worked to help identify threats to the business and mitigate those that do breach defences.

Productivity was improved by migrating the business to Microsoft Office 365. This provided a central storage and sharing system for emails and documents. The servers were reconfigured and an IT Support program put in place which includes actively monitoring computers and receiving alerts automatically into our help desk.

The company has refreshed all the PCs to a higher spec providing the staff with more workspace and are now looking at a new virtualised server environment and cloud-based storage and file sharing facilities.