S J Bargh Ltd

Leading milk logistics company S. J. Bargh Ltd, are responsible for collecting milk from across the North West, the Midlands and Wales.


S J Bargh Ltd now employ over 300 across multiple sites across the country. Because of the continuous expansion of their business, they found that a number of their offices were no longer properly suited to them.

A decision to relocate to a new larger site on Caton Road, Lancaster, meant that S J Bargh Ltd needed the help of a managed service provider to deliver a reliable communications solution. It was also highlighted to us, the importance of maintaining minimal disruption throughout the migration.


The new office location required a reliable, high-speed broadband connection, as well as the relocation of the current Mitel phone system. In project managing the move, Arden group saw the long-term opportunity of improving the overall network within the business.



• £75 per month cost saving

• The flexibility to expand when required

To provide S J Bargh Ltd with sufficient bandwidth we installed a 20/100mb leased line at the site. This forward thinking allows for more bandwidth to be made available as the business grows. Additionally, savings of £75 a month were made.

In order to retain current phone numbers from the previous ISDN30, we installed resilient SIP trunks, with an ISDN2 line as a backup. We then replicated their telephony environment on a loaned phone system, tested with dummy numbers and switched over within an hour, to prevent any downtime.

Arden Group are now planning to integrate all S J Bargh Ltd sites onto a PWAN to improve communication and infrastructure throughout the business.