The VIP brand was one of the first e-cigarette divisions to be established in the UK. VIP has now become one of the largest independent e-cigarette brands in Europe operating via multiple channels consisting of 120-plus dedicated outlets including retail distribution networks and e-commerce.


They were planning to move to larger, newer premises and wanted to upgrade all of their telephony services to provide a better customer experience through new call centre technology.


A scalable system was required to cope with agent numbers and remote teleworkers, plus improved internet connectivity – as the business is a large user of remote datacenter applications – as well as access to management information.


Arden used Mitel systems to install a consolidated telephony platform, improving service and efficiency of VIP’s telecoms infrastructure and providing scalability. Agents could view all other agents and queues in real-time, streamlining answering time and improving customer experience; voice and call recording software enabled voice-connectivity for remote teleworkers; and hot desking enabled employees to log onto any designated phone, inside or outside the office.