• October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month.

That’s why, throughout this month, we will be sharing with you all of our top tips for keeping your business critical and personal data safe. We’ll cover everything from combating browser threats and keeping your emails private, to the physical precautions you can take at your desk to help keep data safe. Not only will this prevent the stress and hassle of dealing with a cyber attack, it will also prevent your business from facing a fine as large as 20 million euros under the GDPR.

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5 best practices to ensure you don't fall victim to email attacks

Email is the number one way in which networks are compromised and the main culprit for leaking sensitive data. It is often used to distribute malicious links and files. As an employee, it’s important to be suspicious of potential phishing attacks, especially if you think you know the sender.

Here are our best practices to ensure that you don’t fall victim to an email attack.

7 top tips to ensure your password security

While most websites won’t store your actual password, they will store a password hash alongside your username. A password hash is a form of encryption, however, it can be used by attackers to figure out your password and access your account/s. If your password is weak, it is easier to figure out the password hash.

Here are our 7 tips for creating a password that is almost impossible to crack, and how to keep it safe.

5 ways to help combat browser threats

Internet browsers are now the most commonly used angle of attack, most often targeting software vulnerabilities. Some of these threats are easier to spot, however others remain well hidden. That’s why it’s important for all employees to keep their browsers up-to-date, also known as ‘patching’.

Here are 5 more tips for combating web browser threats.

6 ways your office space is a cyber security risk

Keeping a clear desk is often overlook when it comes to data security, however, it’s the perfect place to start to keep your business and your data safe. A cluttered desk makes it far easier to lose business critical data; such as customer data or USB drives. This also leaves customer and personal data easily susceptible to theft. 

Here are our 6 work-space mistakes to avoid:

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