Technology Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution.

With manufacturing and distribution being an industry that is constantly growing, the ability to communicate across sites and departments is key. What’s more, the capacity to complete administrative tasks quickly and efficiently is of utmost importance in ensuring business productivity.

That’s why a reliable IT and telecoms infrastructure is essential for any organisation within manufacturing and distribution.

At Arden, we have been working alongside our manufacturing and distribution customers for over 10 years. We deliver everything from future-proof telephony systems, to complete IT infrastructure and cloud migration.

We support our clients all the way from planning through to installation and support.

Just as you do, we believe in developing lasting relationships built on trust and reliability. At Arden, we have the advanced, bespoke technology solutions you need to advance your manufacturing and distribution business.

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Technology Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution.

IT Security

IT Security

We understand that the nature of manufacturing and distribution firms involves the storage of a large amount of data- from suppliers, customers, etc. That’s why and IT security solution is essential, to prevent a costly data breach.

What’s more, the manufacturing industry is leading when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), because of the ways it can streamline and simplify various manufacturing processes. However, IoT brings with it a host of cyber security risks.

In order to get the most from IoT, businesses will need to understand and mitigate the impacts of these risks.

IP CCTV Monitoring

When running a business through which a large number of physical assets have to be managed, their security is paramount. Take control of your business from any device or location with the Arden iCam. This advanced range of IP CCTV monitoring systems reduces costs by negating the need for on-site surveillance.

Linked to the central alarm system, notifications are sent directly to the users chosen device in the event of an intrusion, with high definition streaming providing a clear view of what’s happening on-site.

Building Access Control
Cloud Servers- Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

With facilities often set across multiple locations and employees spending much of their time travelling to visit customers and suppliers, cloud computing has become the sensible choice for the manufacturing and distribution industry.

Flexible in nature, it quickly adapts as your business grows and being cost efficient means you can negate expensive maintenance, servers and software update fees.

IP Telephony

Keeping your business on track is key. That’s why the manufacturing and distribution industry demands a reliable telephony system to enable smooth communications between departments, suppliers and customers.

A future-proof IP solution such as VoIP or SIP delivers a fully integrated, flexible and cost-effect telephony experience, as well as built-in disaster recovery solution designed to keep your business online at all times.

Hosted Telephony- Cloud Technology
Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Data loss and system downtime can bring manufacturing to a halt, resulting in loss of revenue. That’s why having a secure and reliable backup and disaster recovery solution is essential.

Our image-based backup solutions offer a unique way to plan your backup and become an important part of any disaster recovery strategy. They provide an easy to use, enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery solution when you need it most.

Office 365

The cloud-based Office 365 not only provides your employees with access to the Microsoft applications they are used to, it also delivers a whole new portfolio of connected applications:

  • Yammer for improved internal communications
  • Planner for task management
  • Skype for Business for IM and video conferencing
  • Sharepoint for file sharing and collaboration

Office 365- Cloud Technology

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Our approach is simple. We listen to your requirements, understand your needs, then deliver a solution within budget and on time working in partnership with you, side-by-side, from the start.

With our UK-based account management team, you’ll receive dedicate support 24/7, 365 days a year, giving you an easy to reach, single point of contact for all your communication needs.

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