Benefits of SIP Trunking

ISDN is in decline.

Switching from ISDN to SIP means you could up to 50% on line rental and 25% on calls

Traditional telecoms solutions are no longer the most effective option for business communications. With the increase in demand for flexible working and the need for more responsive business communications, it’s time you were introduced to SIP trunking, a next-generation alternative to traditional ISDN. Thanks to SIP trunking, you can reduce your telecoms expenditure, improve the consistency of customer service delivery and enable your business to support flexible and remote working practices

”525,000 businesses moved away from ISDN in 2016”

Source: Ofcom Communication report 2016

”Over a five-year period, the number of ISDN channels used by UK businesses declined by 30%”

Source: Ofcom The Communications Market 2013

SIP trunking will help your business cut costs by:

  • Reducing the cost per channel

    Reducing the cost per channel means rental is cheaper. What’s more calls are also cheaper and sometimes even free depending on your supplier.

  • Making you more efficient

    Making you more efficient means lines can be scaled up or down within minutes.

  • Continuity

    SIP has ready-made business continuity features included as standard.

  • Integration with Microsoft Lync 2013

    Offering out of the box integration with Microsoft Lync 2013 ensures that your staff are more productive.