• Mimecast Email Archiving

Mimecast Email Archiving

For most organisations, email has become an essential part of daily workflow and communications.  However, many businesses are unaware of the importance of archiving their emails and having an email retention strategy. An email archiving solution is designed to store emails in their original state for the purpose of easy retrieval during daily business operations. Additionally, email archives are used to protect your company in the event of litigation and to keep you in line with industry compliance standards.

What does Mimecast Email Archiving Provide?

Mimecast Cloud Archive for email offers the most scalable, cost-predictable and centralized repository of unstructured data for safe and long-term preservation. Using multiple collection points – from a combination of the journal, gateway and synchronization technologies – Mimecast Cloud Archive for email retains the original email, detailed metadata, and a copy of the email should it be changed by company policy enforcement. Mimecast Cloud Archive for email archives all inbound, outbound and internal email for instant searching by employees and administrators.

How does Mimecast Email Archiving work?

  • Fast search tools that let users find archived email or retrieve deleted email within seconds, without the help of IT.
  • A single, unified administrative console to manage email retention policies.
  • Comprehensive support for e-discovery, litigation and compliance requests, including legal hold, case management and data export.
  • Secure storage in an AES encrypted archive, with triplicate copies of each message stored in geographically dispersed data centers.
  • Per-employee pricing rather than pricing based on the volume of email storage, helping to reduce TCO.


  • Reduce cost and complexity with a solution that relies on a single cloud platform and administrative console.

  • Put archived email at users’ fingertips with rapid search and retrieval using a single, intuitive search interface that works with a variety of mobile and desktop apps.

  • Reduce costs with a cloud-based email archiving solution that requires no capital investment in additional hardware or software.

  • Protect data with encrypted storage and compliance-driven chains of custody.

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