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At Arden, our industry-leading service champions the very latest technology in communications. While telecoms such as mobile estate, voice technology, call logging and conferencing are essential, so is your IT infrastructure, computer security, programme management and technical operations. We consult in all these fields using experts who can help you streamline for efficiency and develop for the future using the best of today’s technology.

Our IP systems and cloud solutions will prepare you for the future, incorporating hardware, software and even bespoke systems, as well as crucial after-sales technical support.

Our Unified Communication solutions enable us to wrap all your voice services into a single system, allowing your employees to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere and from any device.

We understand how important your I.T. systems are to the smooth running of your business. That’s why we deliver responsive, innovative solutions that ensure your IT to systems become a strategic asset and not a liability.

Whether you’re looking for an open premise, public or private cloud solutions or mixture of both (hybrid), you can be confident we will deploy the right cloud solutions for your business.

Arden iCam delivers innovative security and analytic solutions. Using state art IP-CCTV technology iCam protects your people, property and data whilst keeping abreast of who your customers are and what they want.

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