• Cloud Technology

    Access your data anywhere, anytime with fully flexible low-cost cloud solutions.

Cloud Technology for Business.

Cloud Service adoption is continuing to experience strong year on year growth, with over four in five UK organisations having already formally adopted at least one Cloud Service.  Cloud is certainly helping organisations meet their business objectives, with a significant proportion of Cloud adopters managing to reduce their capital expenditure, improve the reliability of their IT and minimise the risk of data loss.

With the added flexibility that Cloud services can offer, you can expand your requirements quickly as your business grows, and being cost effective you can cut out expensive maintenance, expensive servers and software update fees.

Why Migrate to The Cloud?

Using the cloud makes good business sense – your staff can access everything from virtually anywhere from a PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone or any other device with an internet connection. Our cloud services provide fully integrated solutions with a consistent user experience, independent of location.

At Arden Group, we have experience in delivering a whole host of cloud technologies to business across the UK. Whether you are looking for an on-premise, public, or private cloud solution or mixture of both (hybrid), you can be confident Arden Group will deploy the right solution for your business, providing users with the tools they need to access their data at any time, wherever they are and on any device.

Office 365

Access all of the Microsoft Office applications your employees know and love, along with a whole host of tools designed to enhance coloration and improve business efficiencies. Never worry about upgrading your Office package again. With Office 365 you’ll stay up to date with latest software releases, applications, and security defences from within your affordable, monthly subscription.

Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony delivers all the features and services of a standard PBX while removing the need to purchase, maintain or upgrade the PBX equipment. Flexible by nature, this future-proof alternative allows you to scale with ease and comes with built-in disaster recovery solutions in case of an emergency.

Cloud Servers

Easy to scale and highly cost effective, Cloud Servers provide the flexibility modern businesses demand. Unlike traditional on-site servers that are expensive to install and maintain, with a Cloud server you only pay for the service you use.

Collaboration Tools

Connect your employees, customers and partners, anywhere, anytime and on any device. Whether you’re looking for simple voice conferencing or a complete multi-site, video conferencing and file sharing system, then Arden Group have the right solution to support your business.

Hosted Email

Discover how to utilise your email more efficiently with a range of tools designed to help you manage your workflow.  Stay connected wherever you are – sync emails, share calendars and contact information across your devices in real time.

Migrating to The Cloud

Are you interested in Cloud Technology, but don’t want the stress and hassle of migrating? Not to worry. At Arden Group we do all the hard work for you. From advising which solutions will best support your business to ensuring minimal downtime during switch-over, our dedicated migration team will be on hand throughout the entire process.

Want to know more about Arden’s Cloud Services?

Hosted Email.

We can show you how to use email more efficiently and demonstrate other tools that can help you manage your workflow more effectively.  Stay connected wherever you are – sync emails, share calendars and contact information across your devices in real time.

  • Clear Structured Pricing

  • Advanced Security

  • Scalable Service

  • Email Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are looking for an on-premise, public, or private cloud solution or mixture of both (hybrid), you can be confident Arden will deploy the right solution for your business, providing users with the tools they need to access their data at any time, wherever they are and on any device.

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