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Save up to 60% on your IT support.

With Arden, you can get the support of an entire IT team for less than a third of the cost of a single employee:

  • No recruitment time or cost
  • No expensive monthly salary
  • No employers NI or PAYE
  • No training costs

Every business is different, so having a flexible IT Support that gives the right level of care that fits with your business model, will enhance efficiency and save you money and at Arden, we believe it’s that personal touch that makes our service stand out from the crowd.

We offer different levels of IT support to suit your business, as well as a fully managed service, giving you complete peace of mind that not only meets your requirements today but is fit for tomorrow.

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What are the benefits to your business?

Single Point of Contact

Single Point of Contact

At Arden Group, you’re more than just number. We won’t keep you queueing on the phone, instead, you’ll get straight through to a helpful IT support expert, who will work towards solving your query right there and then.

This will also enable you to spend less time on supplier management, and more time benefitting from the support of our proactive account management team.

Reduced Downtime

We help to increase productivity and customer satisfaction by keeping your business online, 24/7.

Our proactive approach to IT support and monitoring means that your business will continue to operate efficiently, even when you’re off the clock.

Reduced Downtime
Technology That Lasts

Technology That Lasts

We stay on top of the latest technology trends so you don’t have to. We’ve handpicked bespoke solutions that are not only fit for today but are designed to withstand the test of time.

On top of this, our technical support team will ensure you’re getting the most out of your existing technology and keep you updated on how new technology can help to improve your business’s efficiency.

Clear Pricing

We offer a single-fee cost, per user, per month, with no hidden charges. So, for a fixed monthly fee, you get complete peace of mind and dedicated support for all of your IT requirements.

At Arden, we have developed close relationships with industry-leading partners such as Mimecast and Microsoft, meaning you’ll benefit from exclusive pricing for email security solutions and all the applications your business relies on.

On top of this, all our customers benefit from the use of the best technology, thanks to our generous hardware fund and partnership with brands such as Dell and HP.

Cost Savings

Remote Monitoring and Support

Monitoring of your business critical systems 24/7 is something our customer’s value. It enables us to resolve incidents before they become an issue, which means we’ll know there’s a problem before you do. We monitor such things as server performance, disk space usage, hardware and services.

Our helpdesk can be alerted via e-mail or SMS. This proactive approach to IT support reduces server downtime and potential impact on your business.

Subsidum +.

Subsidium + is our premier remote monitoring service. It provides proactive monitoring of your server, ensuring that we are kept up to date on any potential problems that may occur on your network. Checks are carried out automatically on a daily basis and critical aspects of the system are monitored every 15 minutes. This allows issues to be “nipped in the bud” before bringing your company to a standstill.

Our proactive approach means that we can typically resolve system frustrations before you know there’s an issue, meaning that your business can continue to operate with minimal downtime and disruption.

How does Subsidium + work?

Every aspect of Subsidium + is controlled through the “client dashboard”, from here the Arden Group support team can monitor all aspects of server functionality.

Why Arden Group?

Our approach is simple. We listen to your requirements, understand your needs, then deliver a solution that is both within budget and on time. We’ll work in partnership with you, side-by-side, from the start.

Thanks to our UK-based account management team, you’ll receive dedicated support 24/7, 365 days a year. We’ll provide you with an easy to reach, single point of contact for all your communication needs.

Our managed services consist of the following options:

Workstation Support 

8 Hour Response

Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Onsite PC Support

Patch Management

Hardware Warranty Coordination

Consultancy and Advice

Policy Assistance

Server Support 

4 Hour Response

Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Onsite Support

Pre-emptive Maintenance

Anti-virus Patch Management

Operating System Patch Management

Backup Management

Hardware Warranty Co-ordination

Consultancy and Advice

Policy Assistance

Monthly Reporting 

Bespoke Service 

As well as receiving all of the benefits of our other options, with our bespoke service you can take advantage of:

Onsite Engineers

Active Directory and Group Policy Management

Disaster Recovery Planning

Project Management


Arden Group is the trusted IT and Telecoms Provider to over 700 customers across the UK including

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MAC | Arden Customers
Mather Jamie
Hogarths | Arden Customers
Purity soft drinks | Arden Customers
BID Services | Arden Customers
App Sense

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