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Every business is different, and having a flexible IT support engineer on hand 24/7 will enhance efficiency and save you money. At Arden, we believe it’s that personal touch that makes us stand out from the crowd. With over 35 years of IT experience, our of IT engineers are experts in delivering and supporting the market’s leading operating systems, software and networks.

Remote Monitoring and Support

Monitoring of your business critical systems 24/7 is something our customer’s value. It enables us to resolve incidents before they become an issue, which means we’ll know there’s a problem before you do. We monitor such things as server performance, disk space usage, hardware and services.

Our helpdesk can be alerted via e-mail or SMS. This proactive approach to IT support reduces server downtime and potential impact on your business.

Subsidum +.

Subsidium + is our premier remote monitoring service. It provides proactive monitoring of your server, ensuring that we are kept up to date on any potential problems that may occur on your network. Checks are carried out automatically on a daily basis and critical aspects of the system are monitored every 15 minutes. This allows issues to be “nipped in the bud” before bringing your company to a standstill.

Our proactive approach means that we can typically resolve system frustrations before you know there’s an issue, meaning that your business can continue to operate with minimal downtime and disruption.

How does Subsidium + work?

Every aspect of Subsidium + is controlled through the “client dashboard”, from here the Arden Group support team can monitor all aspects of server functionality.

What do we monitor?

  • Server Backup Check

    Ensures backups have completed successfully. If not, an alert is sent to us allowing us to quickly resolve any issues.

  • Anti-Virus Check

    We can actively check your system is running the latest virus definitions and updates, if not alerts will notify us allowing us to take action.

  • Critical Event Checks

    The sserver is configured to alert us when critical events appear in any or all of the event logs.

  • Disk Space Check

    A check of disk space levels on the server. We’ll be alerted when disk space falls below thresholds that are pre-set by us allowing us to act before system problems arise.

  • Exchange Information Store Size Check

    Check the size of the Information Store so it never exceeds thresholds that are pre-set by us during configuration.

  • Disk Growth Rate Check

    Allows us to check if the rate of growth on any drive exceeds our specified limits. This enables us to spot developing problems before they become critical.

  • Physical Health Check

    Look for smart disk alerts, a check of any disks have failed and even look for failed memory.

  • Window Service Monitoring

    Checks all Windows services on a server. Monitor all services or just a select few, this enables us to act before you call.

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Other IT Services


Protecting your business-critical data is high on the agenda for any business leader. With the rise in ransom-ware attacks and intelligent phishing scams, businesses have no choice but to invest in their cyber security. We offer a complete range of solutions designed to safeguard your organisation and its data, from robust firewalls to top of the range encryption.

Business Continuity

Data loss and downtime can cripple an organisation – having a secure and reliable backup, and disaster recovery solution is essential. Our image-based backup solutions offer a unique way to plan your backup and become an important part of any disaster recovery strategy, giving you an easy to use, enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery solution when you need it most.

Cloud Servers

Whether you’re looking for an easy to scale, low maintenance virtual server, or robust on-premise solution, we can advise on and deliver the best solution for your business. From server management to proactive monitoring, maintenance and upgrades we’ll help to improve the performance and lifespan of your server.


Give your employees and visitors the reliable high-speed wireless internet connection they demand with an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solution. Suitable for a range of applications including private and public use, in both indoor and outdoor environments, our Wi-Fi connections have the flexibility to grow and adapt to suit your business needs.


With many established partnerships in place, we can acquire high-quality brands at completive prices. As well as supplying Desktops and Laptops we can install and pre-configure them exactly how you like. Whether you’re looking for the latest in anti-virus and data security, or want to transfer your data from your existing machine, we have it covered. All our desktops and laptops come with a full manufacturers warranty, as well as custom options for extended Desktop PCs & Laptop hardware support.

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