• Security and Analytics

    Advanced security solutions that deliver intelligent consumer insights.

    IP CCTV for business

Security and Analytics.

Protect your people, property and data with Arden Group’s advanced range of building security solutions.

From the Arden iCam, an innovative IP CCTV security system that allows you to monitor your business in high definition from any location and on any device, through to robust biometric and ANPR access control solutions – we’ve got it covered.

Using state of the art technology, iCam not only provides an enhanced level of security, it enables you to keep abreast of who your customers are and what they want. Arden iCam provides the tools required to capture consumer behaviour data and analyse it effectively. From this, it can deliver intelligent insights from which you can make better decisions and drive your business forward.

IP CCTV Monitoring

IP CCTV Monitoring

Take control of your business from any device and any location with the Arden iCam. This advanced range of IP CCTV monitoring systems reduces costs by negating the need for on-site surveillance.

Linked to the central alarm system, notifications are sent directly to the users chosen device in the event of an intrusion. Additionally, high definition streaming provides a clear view of what’s happening on-site.

Access Control

Control the flow people into and out of your building with Arden’s range of access control solutions.  Whether it’s a simple smart card reader or advanced biometric reader, through to a complete sophisticated visitor management system, we can help design a solution to suit your business.

Access Control

Retail analytics Tools

Retail Analytics

Optimise your security investment with advanced retail and building analytics.

With its built-in state of the art technology, Arden iCam provides the tools required to capture and analyse data. This will enable you to create intelligence, from which you can make better decisions in order to drive your business forward.

These site analytics record critical data streams such as footfall and dwell time. Next, they cross-reference them with wider macro data, such as the weather and special events, to provide accurate analysis.

Business Wi-Fi

Give your employees and visitors the reliable high-speed wireless internet connection they demand it, with an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solution.

Suitable for a range of applications including private and public use, in both indoor and outdoor environments, our Wi-Fi connections have the flexibility to grow and adapt to suit your business needs.

Business WiFi

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