Business Connectivity.

The network performance of your business – the speed, bandwidth and availability – is vital. We design and run bespoke solutions to fit all sorts of demands, whether technical, geographical or budgetary, using some of the world’s leading IP connectivity suppliers. Big or small, straightforward or complex, we’ll work with you to implement a solution that will fit your business, from ADSL broadband and Next Generation Ethernet to a secure and reliable MPLS/IPVPN global network.


Whether you’re looking for an ADSL connection to support basic internet browsing and e-mail or Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband to deliver more advanced features such as video conferencing and file sharing, Arden has the right solution to support your business requirements.

Next Generation Ethernet.

If you rely on your internet connection to support your business-critical operations, then Ethernet solutions such as EFM, FTTC and EoFTTC are the ideal solutions to provide you with the reliable and robust business connectivity you require.

This dedicated service is perfect for companies who want to leverage the latest data hungry, global technologies such as cloud-based solutions, video conferencing, VoIP calling and large data transfers. Providing your workforce with the latest applications to improve efficiency and boost productivity.

Each business is different. That’s why our team will work with you to fully understand and assess your business connectivity needs. We’ll then recommend and deliver the very best solution that actively supports your business objectives.

Why Arden?

  • Unrivalled 24/7 Support

  • Single point of contact

  • Industry leading partnerships

  • Extensive market knowledge

  • Flexible, tailored solutions

  • Manage billing online

  • UK Based contact centre

Private networks.

Our tailored MPLS VPN network solution is the cost-effective way to provide a single, fully managed Wide Area Network (WAN) for multi-site operations. Delivering fast and reliable business connectivity, it allows the smooth sharing of data between your offices, data centres and remote workforce.

The use of an independent private network to transfer data between sites means MPLS technology is not only secure; it’s optimised for robust performance. Also, the ability to easily connect additional sites over time makes it a sound investment for companies with robust growth plans.

  • QoS.

    MPLS networks achieve a greater Quality of Service, including high levels of reliability, speed, and voice quality.

  • Secure network.

    The transfer of data takes place over a private network rather than the public internet, ensuring your confidential data remains secure.

  • Disaster recovery.

    Data centres and other key sites can be connected to the cloud in multiple ways and remote sites can quickly and easily reconnect to backup locations if needed.

  • Improved performance.

    MPLS optimises performance of your data traffic meaning the speed at which data transfers is increased and QoS is guaranteed.

  • Increased productivity.

    By prioritising the flow of data, business critical applications perform more efficiently, thus improving staff productivity.

  • Scalable network.

    As your business grows MPSL make its easy and cost effective to add on additional sites, remote workers and data centres.

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