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Sophos Intercept X Endpoint

Sophos Intercept X Endpoint is the #1 rated malware detection engine, offering unmatched endpoint protection.

By using a unique combination of deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, anti-ransomware, Sophos Intercept X stops the widest range of attacks.

What is Intercept X Endpoint?

Intercept X is an advanced next-generation endpoint detection and response platform offering signatureless exploit prevention, stopping malicious threats and exploits, including zero-day and ransomware.

It delivers advanced remediation, removing malware that other vendors miss, and provides an end-to-end forensic level view of an attack in a straightforward way that doesn’t require a security expert to understand.

How does Intercept X Endpoint work?

Exploit Prevention

Intercept X denies attackers by blocking the exploits and techniques used to distribute malware, steal credentials, and escape detection. This allows Sophos to ward off evasive hackers and zero-day attacks in your network.

Root Cause Analysis

Detection and response technology provides complete visibility of how the attack got in, where it went, what it touched, plus recommends what you should do next.

Malware Cleanup

Intercept X includes the industry’s most powerful malware cleaner. While most virus cleaners simply remove offending malware files, Sophos Clean provides forensic-level remediation by eradicating malicious code as well as eliminating nasty registry key changes created by malware as well.


  • Protection Made Simple

    Intercept X Endpoint features automated remediation and malware removal

  • Greater Insights

    Intercept X Endpoint features comprehensible threat insight and root cause analysis

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