• Consolidate Your Cyber Security System

    Sophos Synchronised Security

Sophos Synchronised Security

83% of IT Managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year. Why? Because while cybercriminals increasingly connect multiple techniques in their coordinated attacks, point security products work in isolation. Until now.

What is Synchronised Security?

Smart hackers coordinate their attacks across an entire IT system touching the firewall, endpoints, servers, data, and more. Point products can stop individual elements of these threats, but they work in isolation.

Synchronised Security is a best of breed security solution that enables your defences to work together to stop advanced attacks.

How does Synchronised Security work?

It enables you to discover unknown threats.

On average, 45% of network traffic can’t be identified. Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos Endpoint work together to identify 100% of network traffic and reveal hidden risks.

It allows you to analyse data in real time.

Real-time incident analysis and cross-estate reporting deliver instant insights.

This video demonstrates how, thanks to synchronised security, Sophos Mobile and Sophos Wireless work together to reduce risk from non-compliant devices, as well as how you can track this in real time.

It enables automatic responses to incidents.

Adaptive policies within Sophos Synchronised Security automatically respond to incidents in seconds.

Sophos Endpoint, XG Firewall, and Encryption systematically work together to stop malware threats and prevent business data loss.


  • Resource Efficiency

    Thanks to Synchronised Security, your IT department won’t need to be overstretched on time and resources.

  • Security Fit for the Future

    With Synchronised Security, you’ve got one consolidated solution that covers every eventuality and risk.

  • More for your Money

    Synchronised Security is the ideal tool for getting the most out of your existing Sophos security system.

  • Take Back Control

    Being able to identify 100% of the traffic running through your network means full visibility and control for your IT team.

  • Operational Cost Saving

    Save day-to-day IT security resources by controlling all your IT security through a single console.

  • Improve productivity

    Reduce user downtime from infections and incidents with adaptive policies that automatically respond to threats.

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